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La Bazanca - background



The musical group La Bazanca began in May of 1980 with the special purpose of spreading traditional music of Castille and Leon. However, during its recitals the group has always liked to play melodies and rhythms belonging to other regions in favor of the spreading of music of the Iberian culture.

The group has included diverse formations throughout its existentence, which has allowed for rich and varying musical influences to coexist. This group has been in continuous search of new sounds and the use of instruments inherited directly from Castillian music tradition, which has allowed it to enjoy the development of its own personality. Moreover, this was possible because of a necessary and rigorous compilation, classification, and adaptation of all our knowledge traditional culture

Since 1982 we also have a collection of Christmas themes full of Christmas carols and romances collected in Spain's interior.

The group's concerts throughout Spain have exceded one thousand, but we will only point out its tours of France, Germany, Sweden, Israel, Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Poland, and Portugal. La Bazanca has become one of the most prestigious musical groups of the European Folk circuit as well as an esteemed ambassador of tradicional language and culture of Spain.






Three Castillian musicians and two Peruvians mixing our music of Hispanic roots with the Afro-Peruvian and Andean rhythms and melodies, using instruments of these cultures like the sanabrese bagpipes, Arab lute, mandola, various types of guitar, bhendir, accordion, sikkus, kena, cajon, quijada, and many other percussion instruments, in addition to four well-polished voices.

The title of our program is “Sounds of Coming and Going” which represents the Iberian baggage that we Spaniards took to Peru and that we bring back reelaborated by the different Ibero-American musical influences, above all the Peruvian and especially the black, that of African slaves, to mix again with the Iberian musical tradition in a festive and participatory concert.

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From the rural medium we have nurished ourselves to offer you a Christmas monograph that we present to you, coming from a secular culture and tradition that survives in part thanks to the religious rooting of our towns, and that way the survival of community acts like the slaughtering of the pig, Christmas gifts, that continue supporting the solidarity of neighbors, though this assistance now isn't as necessary because it doesn't bring back traditional beliefs in an aparent time of wealth.

Most of the Christmas carols and romances of our program come from the interior of Spain. They are simple and catchy songs, waiting for the audience to join in and learn and sing them with us. Our hope is that you teach them to the younger generation and that someday they will pass on our fragile oral tradition.

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