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La Bazanca,
40 + 2 Years of Traditional Music

With a long and dense trajectory of 42 years transmitting the traditional music of Castilla y León throughout Spain and Europe with nearly two thousand concerts, the band La Bazanca enjoyed and enriched each and every one of the musicians who contributed to the group, keeping alive and reworking the music from our land, Castilla y León, and the Iberian Peninsula.

In 2021, we have recorded our third album of live concert (which is the twelfth album of La Bazanca) at the Calderón Theater in Valladolid with a luxury line-up in a septet. Respecting at all times the original traditional rhythms and melodies, we intend to bring new sounds and timbre to the repertoire, which the style is named “trad-brass”.

Today, with eight musicians and the possibility of incorporating one or two magnificent dance couples, we are ready to offer an unbeatable music and dance show with a complete and renewed program that is growing with each performance.




Eight Castilian musicians recreating popular traditional themes of our land with the rhythms of Entradilla, Corrido, Habas, Jota, Seguidilla, Charrada, Brincao, Habas, Pasacalles, Ronda, Pasodoble, among others, to the sound of the dulzaina, sanabresa bagpipe, charra bagpipe, Castilian whistle, saxophones, clarinet, transverse flute, trumpet, trombone, guitar, guitar, lute, as well as the nyckelharpa and the electric bass, all of them duly founded on the solid percussion of a complete battery.

Paco Diez:  Voice, guitar, guitar and bagpipe from Sanabresa.
José Alfonso Garrido: Lute and nyckelharpa.
Alex Cerro: Drums and percussion.
Raúl Llorente: Voice, dulzaina, Castilian whistle, charra bagpipe and sax.
Arturo Cerrato: Voice, saxophone, clarinet, transverse flute and musical direction.
Jorge Cuadrillero: Voice and trombone.
Jesús Rueda: Voice and electric bass.
Roberto Díez: Voice and trumpet.


Christmas carols, bonuses and romances collected from the interior of Spain with which we try to revitalize our rich Christmas customs so deteriorated by globalization.

It is also a repertoire in which the public collaborates easily, either because the songs are simple and very catchy or because Christmas is coming it seems that we open up a little more and lose "the stage frights" that we usually drag during the The rest of the year.


Paco Díez: Voice, guitar, guitar and percussion.

Arturo Cerrato: Voice, saxophone, clarinet and transverse flute.

Jesús Rueda: Voice, lute and electric bass.

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